[VIDEO] How One Blog Post Attracts $10,000 in Organic Traffic for Our Client Every Month

There’s a lot of talk about using content to drive business results. But it’s not often you see real world examples. In this article and video we’ll look at a client we work with and how we’ve helped them create content that gets them thousands of visits every month from people who match their ideal customer profile. Background Our client NECA Education & Careers provides courses for apprentice and qualified electricians, helping them take their career to the next level.

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The Best Digital Marketing Framework for High Ticket Businesses

If your business sells high-priced products or services, you’ve got to do more than just get the attention of potential customers—you need to gain their trust too… And while that’s true for any business, the difference between influencing someone to spend $50 on an unknown brand compared to $350,000 on a new house is obviously huge! When your business is selling products and services priced in the thousands, you’ve got to work harder for every sale. You can’t rely on

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Our HubSpot Journey – An Honest Review 5 Years On

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was at the local park with my son – then 2 years old. He was riding his little balance bike around the track like a demon… My phone rang – an unknown landline. Against my better judgement, I answered… “Hi Damien, it’s Emma here from HubSpot.” That’s interesting, I thought. I had only just been on HubSpot’s website earlier in the day, downloading free stuff to get tips and ideas for

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How to Create a Content Strategy that Works for Your Business

There’s no doubt that a sound content strategy is a must-have in any marketing toolbox – but putting one together can be easier said than done! Your content strategy covers the creation and management of all the written, audio and visual content related to your business. This includes blog articles, podcasts, social media, case studies, videos, ebooks and anything else that educates and provides value to your potential customers. The fundamental goal of the strategy is to identify the right

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Should You Show Pricing? We Asked 24 Marketing Leaders to Weigh In

It’s a common marketing question: Should you show your pricing up front, or hold it back until later? Let’s find out what the experts say… Everyone seems to have an opinion on this topic, and there’s no simple yes or no answer. Of course it will depend on whether you sell something bespoke where the price differs for each client, or if you sell a product with simple, easily defined, pricing. We surveyed 24 marketing and sales leaders to find

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This email shows why marketers have a bad name…

The other day I signed up for a webinar being run by one of my competitors. It was one of those on-demand “grow your business using our method” webinars where they try to make it look like it’s live. You know the ones… There are three different start times, miraculously one within the next 30 minutes (what are the odds?!), and another two in the next 24 hours. So I signed up. Here’s what happened next… It was the usual

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Content Marketing in 2020: Who’s Reading Your Content and Is It Effective?

If you’re like most businesses these days, you’re investing time, money (or both) into content marketing in the hope that it will boost your profile and bring you new customers. And while it’s clear that a targeted and effective content marketing plan will do wonders for your SEO and credibility, have you ever wondered who is actually consuming and (importantly) responding to your content? A recent survey conducted by digital marketing agency Sonder dug a little deeper into what consumers

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3 Types of Gated Content to Supercharge Your Marketing in Tough Times

When we do website review videos for our potential clients, a consistent theme is that businesses rarely have any kind of content offer for visitors to download. And if they do, it’s not something that their audience finds compelling.  This is a HUGE missed opportunity and one of the first things we help them fix to increase the quantity of inbound leads. By simply adding one or more pieces of content, whether text, video, image, or interactive tools, for visitors

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5 Best Ways to Improve Lead Nurturing with Marketing Automation

This is a guest post by Dave Schneider, founder at LessChurn.  Customer experience is not the future, it is the present. Therefore, you should make it your top priority no matter how complex and difficult it sometimes may be. We know that it is impossible to address the needs of each of your customers one by one. This would simply take too much time and drain the energy that you need to invest in other tasks. Luckily, there are a

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Where Does SEO Fit With Inbound Marketing?

You’ve almost certainly heard about both SEO and inbound marketing before. But do you know the differences between the two? SEO is the fuel, while inbound marketing is the engine. In other words, search engines are one way of bringing traffic and visibility to your inbound marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at the complex relationship between SEO and inbound marketing, and also examine the differences between them. SEO: The Fuel Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves tweaking your website and

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How to Turn Your Email Subscribers into Customers & Raving Fans

When you work with a digital marketer, one of the first key areas of focus will likely be to build a database of email subscribers. This is especially important if you sell a high-end product or service and have a longer buyer journey, as it gives you the chance to communicate your expertise and keep yourself front of mind as your potential customers work through the decision-making process.

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