3 Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing

Content marketing isn’t just a fad, it’s a fact. Companies who engage in content marketing report 63% more leads than companies who don’t, and 70% of customers say they prefer to get to know a company through articles rather than ads. And it’s not just for B2C businesses, 91% of B2B businesses report they use content marketing. Google trends also clearly show that the term is now accepted and commonplace. With the popularity of content marketing, numerous articles have popped

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The 4 Essential Social Media Platforms for B2B Businesses

Are you confused about the social media platforms you should be using for your B2B business? We all know that social media marketing is now essential, but it can also be overwhelming and incredibly time consuming – and there are both pros and cons to using the various social media platforms for a B2B business. So, where do you start? And on what should you focus? We’ve put together a list of the social media platforms your B2B business should

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How to Optimise Your Company LinkedIn Page

Have you given much thought to your Company’s LinkedIn Page? Or has it been an afterthought, behind your website, blog, SEO strategy, personal LinkedIn profile, and company social media accounts? Is it time to check in and make some improvements? A recent survey of 2,701 LinkedIn members showed that LinkedIn members are consuming and sharing professional content in record amounts, with LinkedIn being the go-to source for professional content. Survey results showed that 91% of LinkedIn members are using LinkedIn weekly

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Is Content Marketing Worth the Investment?

Do you ever wonder whether all your efforts into content marketing are really worth it? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure about being able to actually measure your content marketing ROI? We’ve all been there – that feeling that your time, money and efforts are just going down the sink. You can’t quite figure out whether all this content you are producing is doing anything at all for your business. This is an uneasy mindset to be stuck in, but

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10 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Twitter

Does the idea of networking and using Twitter regularly seem like too much work for too little results? Do you struggle to build your brand presence on Twitter or are unsure where to even begin? Twitter is an amazing tool for networking and business. When done right, there are endless possibilities for building relationships and driving traffic to your content. But where do you begin? And how can you leverage this social media platform to start marketing your business? Below

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6 Simple Ways to Improve the Calls to Action on Your Website

Are the calls to action on your website effective? Are you looking for ways to improve your conversion rates? Do you need some tips to improve your calls to action? Calls to Action (CTA) are those little tempters that generate excitement and direct website visitors to your landing pages, where your premium offers are featured! Whether text, an image, a button or a link, if your CTAs aren’t capturing visitors’ attention and persuading them to the click, they’re pointless. With

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5 Essential Tips for Growing Your LinkedIn Network

Are you unsure how to leverage LinkedIn to build and grow your network? LinkedIn is a powerful tool for businesses and should be a top priority social channel for all B2B networking. Rather than get overwhelmed, take your LinkedIn networking to the next level with the below 5 essential tips! 1. Build connections regularly and add a personal touch to new connections LinkedIn is a social platform and networking is its bread and butter. But where do you begin to

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How to Get Started with Content Marketing

Not sure where to start with content marketing or how to manage it within your business? Before you jump to the conclusion that you don’t have the knowledge, skills or time to produce regular and valuable content to your customers, take a moment to read through this article and familiarise yourself with some simple ways to get started (without feeling overwhelmed!). What is content marketing and why is it vital for your business? Content marketing is an important activity for any

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3 Landing Page Mistakes that Are Killing Your Conversions

You’ve probably heard marketers talk about “friction” as a being bad thing – something to be avoided. But what do we mean by “friction” in an online campaign? It’s a convenient term to denote all the little irritants and obstacles that interrupt the smooth passage of your readers’ attention from the offer you are making to the call to action (CTA) you want them to follow. Elements of friction include anything that: Diminishes the reader’s trust Detains the reader without

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How to Turn Your Email Subscribers into Customers & Raving Fans

When you work with a digital marketer, one of the first key areas of focus will likely be to build a database of email subscribers. This is especially important if you sell a high-end product or service and have a longer buyer journey, as it gives you the chance to communicate your expertise and keep yourself front of mind as your potential customers work through the decision-making process.

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